Argentine puppeteer, playwright and poet. Otto Freitas was a founding member of the touring puppet company (teatro itinerante), Trotacaminos, with Cesar López Ocón. He founded his own company in 1945, called La Nube (The Cloud), with which he travelled around Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. He participated in the establishment of a number of municipal puppet theatres.

His plays for the puppet theatre have become classics in theatres in Argentina and Latin America; they include Buenos Vecinos (Good Neighbours), Carlitos Pescador (Charlie the Fisherman), Pombero protector de los Pájaros (Pombero the Guardian of the Birds), El soldadito y el general (The Soldier and the General). They have been published in Siete obritas para títeres (Seven Small Puppet Plays) and Ocho obritas para teatro de títeres (Eight Small Puppet Plays). His essay on the glove puppet is also a classic for many puppeteers.

(See Argentina.)