Paraguayan puppet troupe founded in 1977 in Asunción, Paraguay, by Elisa Godoy and Humberto Gulino. Since its inception, the company has become highly focused on puppetry for children. Its two founders, both architects of training, design and build their own puppets, write scripts, and perform. Elisa Godoy designs the puppets, costumes, and sets. Humberto Gulino, in addition to working in the puppet company, also works for movies, television, and radio, as well as teaching in art centres. The company tours regularly around the country, performing in schools, churches, private and municipal rooms, and in the street.

Their repertory includes El caballero de la mano de fuego (The Cowboy with the Hand of Fire), El pícaro burlado (The Mocked Rogue), and El soldadito de la guardia (The little Soldier of the Guard) by Javier Villafañe), El gato y los ratones (The Cat and the Mice) Roberto Espina, Pombero, protector de los pájaros (Pombero, Protector of Birds) Otto Alfredo Freitas, Boca limpia, boca sana (Clean Mouth, Healthy Mouth) by Elisa Godoy, Vecinos y basuras (Neighbours and Garbage) by Humberto Gulino, as well as adaptations of works from the worldwide repertoire.

The company took part in the second Taller Internacional de Teatro de Títeres (International Workshop of Puppet Theatre) in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1996. They use several techniques, including glove puppets (cachiporra), found objects, rod puppets, and masks. They also work in collaboration with psychologists and psychiatrists, with an eye towards therapeutic work.

(See Paraguay.)