Argentine puppeteer. A school teacher, Cesar López Ocón set off for Buenos Aires in 1933 where he taught. With Otto Alfredo Freitas and his brother, Eduardo Julio, he founded the Trotacaminos puppet company in 1942 that later included his future wife, Herminia De Robertis, who was primarily in charge of costumes. His first puppet, Galerín, was the host/presenter. With this troupe, Cesar López Ocón performed his own plays, such as La princesa Rosaluz (Princess Rosaluz), El astrólogo y la niña (The Astrologist and the Girl), Musinga vence a los duendes (Musinga Defeats the Elves), El invento maravilloso (The Marvellous Invention), as well as play texts by Otto Freitas.

One of his major concerns was to defend and promote puppetry as an authentic theatrical expression and to fight against the widespread prejudice that reduced puppetry to a simple entertainment for children.

Cesar López Ocón was also a poet and musician (he led the folk group Llastay). In 1966, he helped found the Asociación de Titiriteros de la Argentina (ATA, Association of Puppeteers of Argentina), for which he later became its president.

(See Argentina.)