Turkish shadow theatre performer. A disciple of Hayali Camcı Irfan, Mazhar Baba, and Ragip Tugtekin, Tacettin Diker continued his career studying puppetry with Nurettin Sevin at the Ministry of Culture. The works and recordings of Hayali Küçük Ali (see Mehmet Muhittin Sevilin) were also very influential.

After many shadow play performances (see Karagöz) he joined the State Theatre in 1972, and the Ministry of Culture in 1975, where he was in charge of performance (figures, scripts, and manipulation). In 1976, he created the theatre which carries his name: Tacettin Diker Kukla Tiyatrosu. He participated as puppeteer in the Istanbul International Festival of Art and Music, in fairs at Izmir, Bursa, and Kocaeli, at Nasreddin Hoca festivals (also Nasrettin Hodja, 13th century satirical Sufi and populist philosopher, and a character who appears in thousands of tales; the International Nasreddin Hoca (Hodja) festival is celebrated July 5-10 in his hometown every year), and at children’s festival events at Mersin, Muğla, and Antalya, where he was puppeteer.

Famous for master work as a shadow player and puppeteer of Akbank Karagöz and Puppet Theatre for over thirty years, Tacettin Diker collaborated with talented performers such as Orhan Kurt, Salahattin Erener, Suat Sungur, Alpay Izer, Erbil Özyeter, and Selim Naşit Özcan. He has also directed in Istanbul, Saturdays and Sundays at Habiye Konak Devekuşu Kabare Tiyattrosu, directing an elaborate performance of music, ballet, choreography, setting, and actors.

A member of UNIMA Turkey, Tacettin Diker has given a number of international performances and regularly performed in Germany between 1978-1985.

(See Turkey.)