British association founded in 1980 in Covent Garden, London by Percy Press II. The aim of the Punch and Judy Fellowship is “preserving and promoting the traditions, heritage and performances of the Punch and Judy show, while encouraging young people and promoting friendship”. Made up of professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts, the membership fluctuates between 100 and 150 with two main categories: provisional (open to all) and full (open to those having successfully completed an audition). It is run by a committee elected on an annual basis. The Fellowship has its own festival in October and produces a bimonthly newsletter called The Swazzle. In 2010, the Fellowship produced a book, That’s the way to do it, compiled and edited by Mark Andrews and David Wilde to celebrate its thirty years.

(See Great Britain, Percy Press I, Percy Press II, Punch and Judy College of Professors, Punch and Judy, Swazzle.)


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