Romanian graphic artist and designer. Irina Borowski worked for Romanian television. The modern and minimalistic style of Irina Borowski became known through her work, notably at the Ciufulici Puppet Theatre (see Teatrul de animaţie Ciufulici [lier]Ciufulici Theatre of Animation[/lier]) of Ploiești in the following productions: Snoave cu măști (Anecdotes with Masks, 1974) and Povestea lui Păcală (The Story of Păcală, 1978), both directed by Ion Lucian; Secretul pădurii bătrâne (The Secret of the Old Forest, 1983) by Paul Silvestru, after Dino Buzzati, directed by Cristian Pepino; and Copilul din stele (The Pathway of the Stars, 1985), also directed by Cristian Pepino.

Irina Borowski received several awards for her work as a designer and fine artist, which was exhibited in Cracow (1968), Damascus (1968), Tel Aviv, Turin, Bayreuth, Memphis, Tennessee (1969), Lodz, Warsaw (1970), and Prague (1981).

(See Romania.)