Cristina Grazioli

Cristina Grazioli has contributed:
To the English version of the encyclopaedia (16 articles)
To the Spanish version of the encyclopaedia (16 articles)
To the French version of the encyclopaedia (16 articles)

English version

Aesthetics of the Puppet – European Romanticism to the Avant-Garde (Written by)
Automata, Androids and Robots (Written by)
Bauhaus (Written by)
Cabaret (Written by)
Cinema (Written by)
Commedia dell’Arte (Written by)
Dance (Written by)
Education and Propaganda (Written by)
Fairs and Fairground Performers (Written by)
Itinerant Troupes (Written by)
Music (Written by)
Theatre of Objects (Written by)
Opera (Written by)
The Public – The Audience (Written by)
Puppet (Written by)
Stages and performance spaces (Written by)

French version

Automates, androïdes et robots (Written by)
Bauhaus (Written by)
Cabaret, music-hall, variétés (Written by)
Cinéma (Written by)
Commedia dell’arte (Written by)
Danse (Written by)
Éducation et propagande (Written by)
Espace et lieu scéniques (Written by)
Esthétique de la marionnette (Occident) (Written by)
Foires (Written by)
Marionnette (Written by)
Musique (Written by)
Théâtre d’objets (Written by)
Opéra (Written by)
Public (Written by)
Troupes itinérantes (Written by)

Spanish version

Autómatas, androides y robots (Written by)
Bauhaus (Written by)
Variedades, music hall, cabaré (Written by)
Cine (Written by)
Commedia dell’arte (Written by)
Compañías itinerantes (Written by)
Danza (Written by)
Educación y propaganda (Written by)
Espacio y lugar escénicos (Written by)
Estéticas del títere (Occidente) (Written by)
Ferias y feriantes (Written by)
Música (Written by)
Ópera (Written by)
Público (Written by)
Teatro de objetos (Written by)
Títere (Written by)