Uruguayan poet and writer. The work of Adolfo Montiel Ballesteros is very diverse, and includes: poetry, novels, tales and writings for theatre for children, most notably Teatro menudo: títeres (Theatre Menu for Puppets), which was published in 1958 and contains an interesting introduction to theatre for children. His repertoire contains sixteen plays, including Haraganoff, el pirata (Haraganoff the Pirate), La zorra burlada (The Deceived Fox), Huelga en el teatro de títeres (Strike at the Puppet Theatre), El que a hierro mata a hierro muere (He Who Kills with the Sword Dies by the Sword). Títeres por correspondencia (Puppets by Correspondence) is a guignolesque farce in the long line of this type of theatre.

(See Uruguay.)


  • Montiel Ballesteros, Adolfo. Teatro menudo: títeres [Theatre Menu for Puppets]. Montevideo, Uruguay: Chiesa, 1958.