Romanian stage director and actor. Antal Pál began his career as an actor and stage director at the puppet theatre of Târgu Mureş. He worked principally with this theatre company since 1952; his contribution was fundamental in defining the artistic profile of the theatre and in the creation of an original repertoire.

Among his most distinguished productions, played in Hungarian, are: Doctor fără voie (The Doctor in Spite of Himself, 1952), performed at Cluj-Napoca, the first production of the theatre created for an adult audience. Other productions include: Háry János (1956), a comic opera composed by Zoltán Kodály; Regele cerb (The King Stag, 1957) written by Carlo Gozzi; Sânziana și Pepelea (Sânziana and Pepelea, 1974) by Vasile Alecsandri; Pasărea albastră (The Blue Bird, 1986) by Maurice Maeterlinck; Rățușca cea urâtă (The Ugly Duckling, 1986), based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen; Ô Romeo, ô Juliette (Oh Romeo, Oh Juliette, 1995). These productions were in collaboration with theatre designer Jószef Haller.

Most of his productions have been awarded at national and international festivals, and he received awards for direction. Antal Pál has brought to puppetry his daring spirit and his passion for research and renewal.

(See Romania.)