American puppeteer. Dick Myers created and performed shows that sparkled with great wit and technical innovation. He began his career in puppetry working for Rufus Rose and Martin Stevens in the late 1940s. His background as an engineer is evident in the mechanics of his creation.

Dick Myers took a break from puppetry and reappeared in 1966 to present Dick Whittington. The rod puppets had round heads and the visible portions were fabricated entirely of plastic wood, including the costumes. Head and arm movements had great expressive subtlety contrasting with a charming robot-like gait. The almost abstract design of the puppets, the unique rod puppet mechanisms and the charming humour of this solo show created a great success at numerous national and international festivals. His next show, Cinderella, followed in 1968. Beauty and the Beast (1972) represented the United States at the UNIMA festivals in Charleville-Mézières, France. Simple Simon was produced in 1976.

For these productions, Dick Myers earned three UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence, and the Puppeteers of America President’s Award. When he performed in Russia, Sergei Obraztsov personally presented Dick Myers with a medal. Dick Myers last appeared at a national Puppeteers of America festival in 1978.

(See United States of America.)


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