Turkish puppeteer of [karagöz] [shadow theatre]. Born in Istanbul, İhsan Dizdar worked at the theatre branch of Üsküdar People’s House in high school, apprenticing himself to Munir Usta, who specialized in juggling. He studied karagöz from Gürkaşa Jalal and orta oyunu (improvised theatre) from İsmail Dümbüllü. He took the role of the Arab in this improvised comic performance playing alongside Zeki Alpan and [Nevzat Açıkgöz] for many years. He was also knowledable about the [glove puppet] tradition. Music was another important part of his work, and as traditional performances ebbed this semi-professional played military music.

İhsan Dizdar founded İhsan Dizdar Puppet and Shadow Theatre, taking part in many national and international [festivals] and receiving awards. His stories were recorded as part of cultural heritage projects. He served as a consultant on orta oyunu and contributed to the establishment of [UNIMA] Turkey. In 1998-1999, he started, with others, a project giving lectures and training on traditional arts.

(See [Turkey].)