John McCormick

John McCormick has contributed:
To the English version of the encyclopaedia (28 articles29 traductions4 modifications)
To the Spanish version of the encyclopaedia (18 articles)
To the French version of the encyclopaedia (13 articles)

English version

Museo Internazionale delle Marionette Antonio Pasqualino (Palermo) (Translation)
Arlecchino (Translation)
Booth (Written by)
Teatro delle Briciole (Translation)
Bridge (Written by)
Brighella (Translation)
Bumba Meu Boi (Written by)
Burattino (Translation)
Cabaret (Modification)
Campogalliani family (Translation)
Carving and Carvers (Written by)
Colla family (Translation)
Commedia dell’Arte (Translation)
Cuccoli family (Translation)
Giacomo Cuticchio (Translation)
Mimmo Cuticchio (Translation)
Fortunato Depero (Translation)
Dramaturgy (Translation)
Fantoccini (Written by)
Giuseppe Fiando (Translation)
Teatro Fiano (Translation)
Head Rod (Written by)
Ghetanaccio (Translation)
Giant Figures (Written by)
Teatro Gioco Vita (Translation)
Glove Puppet (Written by)
Hand Puppet (Written by)
Humanette (Written by)
Ireland (Written by)
Jigging Puppet (Written by)
Jumping Jack (TranslationModification)
Eugene Lambert (Written by)
Manipulation (TranslationModification)
Mechanical Theatres (Written by)
Modelling and Moulding (Written by)
Music Hall, Variety Theatre and Vaudeville (Written by)
Opera dei Burattini di Roma (Translation)
Patagonian Theatre (Written by)
Pitou family (Translation)
Playboard (Written by)
Enrico Prampolini (Translation)
Preti family (Translation)
Pupazzi (Written by)
Pupi (Translation)
Rod Marionette (Written by)
Rod Puppet (Translation)
Sandrone (Translation)
Otello Sarzi (Translation)
Scenery and staging (Written by)
Skirted Hobby Horse (Written by)
Slangs (Written by)
Stages and performance spaces (Translation)
Randal Stretch (Written by)
Tabletop Puppetry (Modification)
Theatrum Mundi (Written by)
Tiller Clowes Marionettes (Written by)
Travelling Puppeteers (Written by)
Trick and Transformation Puppets (Written by)
Zanni or Zani (Translation)

French version

Décor et scénographie (Written by)
Humanette (Written by)
Géants (Written by)
Irlande (Written by)
Eugene Lambert (Written by)
Marionnettistes itinérants (Written by)
Music-hall, variétés et vaudeville (Written by)
Patagonian Theatre (Written by)
Sculpture et sculpteurs (Written by)
Slangs (Written by)
Randal Stretch (Written by)
Théâtres mécaniques (Written by)
Tiller Clowes Marionettes (Written by)

Spanish version

Bumba Meu Boi (Written by)
Caballo de faldón (Written by)
Fantoccini (Written by)
Fantoche (Written by)
Figuras Gigantes (Written by)
Irlanda (Written by)
Eugene Lambert (Written by)
Titiriteros Ambulantes (Written by)
Music Hall, Teatro de Variedades y Vodevil (Written by)
Teatro Patagonian (Written by)
Puente (Written by)
Pupazzi (Written by)
Slangs (Written by)
Randal Stretch (Written by)
Talla y tallistas (Written by)
Teatros mecánicos (Written by)
Tiller Clowes Marionettes (Written by)
Títeres de truco y transformación (Written by)