Turkish puppeteer and shadow theatre player. When very young Talat Dumanlı 

was apprenticed to Hafiz Ahmet and collaborated later with artists such as Naşit, Kel Hasan, Şevki Şakrak, Tevfik Ince, Ismail Dümbüllü. Known as an actor, he founded in 1921 the theatre troupe AR, which performed all over Turkey. From 1951, he became known as a shadow performer of karagöz and as a puppeteer (kuklac).

Making his own string puppets and glove puppets, commanding a rich repertory of seventy plays, with many scenarios in Turkish and German, he performed many times at the International Festival in Charleville-Mézières. Talat Dumanlı received the gold medal of UNIMA at the Paris congress in 1972. Seconded by his wife, Süreyya Dumanlı, he performed for many years in the teahouse in the open air Recep Özgen in the Tepebaşi quarter of Istanbul.

(See Turkey.)