Marcel Violette

Marcel Violette has contributed:
To the English version of the encyclopaedia (43 articles)
To the Spanish version of the encyclopaedia (51 articles)
To the French version of the encyclopaedia (52 articles)

English version

Animation (Written by)
Assemblage (Written by)
Automata, Androids and Robots (Written by)
Bare Hand Puppetry (Written by)
Black Theatre (Written by)
Body Puppet (Written by)
Body Shadows (Written by)
Bridge (Written by)
Alexander Calder (Written by)
Casts and Mould-Making (Written by)
Chesnais (Written by)
Construction (Written by)
Control (Written by)
Costume Puppet (Written by)
Digital Compositing (Written by)
Direct Manipulation Puppetry (Written by)
Décor / Stage Setting and the Italian-style Stage (Written by)
Finger Puppet (Written by)
Giant Figures (Written by)
Giant Puppets (Written by)
Hand Shadows (Written by)
Humanette (Written by)
Jumping Jack (Written by)
Louis Lemercier de Neuville (Written by)
Lever-Operated Puppet (Written by)
Marotte (Written by)
Metamorphoses (Written by)
Orchestra Pit (Written by)
Puppet Stages (Written by)
Rod Puppet (Written by)
Scenography (Written by)
Sculpture (Written by)
Skirted Hobby Horse (Written by)
String Puppet (Written by)
Théâtre Sur le Fil (Written by)
Swazzle (Written by)
Tabletop Puppetry (Written by)
Television (Written by)
Theatrum Mundi (Written by)
Third Theatre (Written by)
Toe/Foot Puppet (Written by)
Voice Modifier (Written by)
Water Puppets (Written by)

French version

Accessoire vocal (Written by)
Animation (Written by)
Archal (Written by)
Assemblage (Written by)
Automates, androïdes et robots (Written by)
Bonhomme danseur (Written by)
Alexander Calder (Written by)
Castelet (Written by)
Chesnais (Written by)
Cheval-jupon (Written by)
Contrôle (Written by)
Décor (Written by)
Enduction (Written by)
Fantoche (Written by)
Formage (Written by)
Fosse (Written by)
Marionnette à gaine (Written by)
Géants (Written by)
Incrustation électronique (Written by)
Main nue (Written by)
Marionnette corporelle (Written by)
Marionnette digitale (Written by)
Marionnette empoignée (Written by)
Marionnette habitable (Written by)
Marionnette à clavier (Written by)
Marionnette à fils (Written by)
Marionnette à main (Written by)
Marionnette à tiges (Written by)
Marionnette à tringles (Written by)
Marionnettes aux pieds (Written by)
Marionnettes géantes (Written by)
Marionnettes sur eau (Written by)
Marionnettes sur table (Written by)
Marionnettes à subterfuge (Written by)
Marotte (Written by)
Modelage et moulage (Written by)
Métamorphose (Written by)
Ombres corporelles (Written by)
Ombromanie (Written by)
Pantin (Written by)
Pont (Written by)
Pratique (Written by)
Pupazzi (Written by)
Sculpture (Written by)
Scénographie (Written by)
Théâtre Sur le fil (Written by)
Tablette (Written by)
Theatrum mundi (Written by)
Théâtre noir (Written by)
Tiers théâtre (Written by)
Télévision (Written by)
Ventriloque (Written by)

Spanish version

Accesorio vocal (Written by)
Animación (Written by)
Autómatas, androides y robots (Written by)
Bailarín bonachón (Written by)
Caballo de faldón (Written by)
Alexander Calder (Written by)
Chesnais (Written by)
Conformación (Written by)
Control (Written by)
Decorado (Written by)
Ensamblaje (Written by)
Escenografía (Written by)
Escultura (Written by)
Fantoche (Written by)
Fil d’Archal (Written by)
Foso (Written by)
Títere de Guante (Written by)
Figuras Gigantes (Written by)
Títere de Hilos (Written by)
Inserción electrónica (Written by)
Louis Lemercier de Neuville   (Written by)
Mano desnuda (Written by)
Marionetas acuáticas (Written by)
Marote (Written by)
Metamorfosis (Written by)
Modelado y moldeado (Written by)
Monigote (Written by)
Títeres de Pies (Written by)
Pito (Written by)
Puente (Written by)
Recubrimiento (Written by)
Sombras corporales (Written by)
Sombras manuales (Written by)
Suelo de escena (Written by)
Teatro Sur le fil (Written by)
Teatrillo (Written by)
Teatro negro (Written by)
Televisión (Written by)
Tercer teatro (Written by)
Theatrum mundi (Written by)
Títere corporal (Written by)
Títere de Varillas (Written by)
Títere de dedos (Written by)
Títere de manipulación directa (Written by)
Títere de mano (Written by)
Títere de teclado (Written by)
Títere de vara a la cabeza (Written by)
Títere gigante (Written by)
Títere habitable (Written by)
Títeres de mesa (Written by)
Ventrílocuo (Written by)